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5th Diczfalusy Meeting - 2011

5th Annual Meeting of the
Egon and Ann Diczfalusy Foundation

14 November, 2011
Szeged, Hungary

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Prof. Dr. György Bártfai - president of the Foundation

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is a great honour and a particular privilege for us to extend a most cordial welcome to the Fifth Meeting of the Egon and Ann Diczfalusy Foundation in Szeged. We are proud to present the Programme which is dedicated to Reproductive Health-care. This year the Conference has been incorporated as part of the prestigious Albert Szent-Györgyi Days of the University of Szeged.

The Foundation, established in 2007 by the world famous reproductive endocrinologist professor Egon Diczfalusy and dedicated also to his late wife Ann, aims at disseminating knowledge and supporting scientific work conducted in the field of Reproductive Health. Each year it awards a Prize to a young investigator and a Medal to a senior scientist for his/ her life-time achievements.

During the Conference several importanttopics will be discussed by well known international experts, ranging from oral progestins and venous thromboembolism, impact of obesity on Women's Health, long-acting contraceptive agents and recent advance in perinatology.

For the first time in the history of the Diczfalusy Award Lecture, a series of hands-on training will be held in the framework of parallel sessions about The risk ofthromboembolism among obese patients, Application of Intrauterine device, Intrauterine System and Implants and Practical aspects of resuscitation and treatment of high risk neonates.

We are confident that you will find your interest among the topics of the Conference and welcome you and wish all of you a most pleasant stay in Szeged, Hungary!

Sign of György Bártfai

Prof. Dr. György Bártfai
president of the Foundation

Venue: Residence of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Somogyi u. 7., Szeged, Hungary

Scientific programme

Monday, 14 November 2011

9.00 – 10.15 OPENING SESSION
9.00 – 9.10 Welcome and Opening Remarks. History of the Diczfalusy Foundation.
9.10 – 9.15 Laudatio of Biran Affandi, the recipient of the 2011 Diczfalusy Lecture Award.
Laudator: David Archer
9.15 – 9.35 Acceptance Speech: Revitalization of Postpartum Contraceptive Use in Indonesia
Speaker: Biran Affandi
9.35 – 9.40 Laudatio of Dunja Lončar, the recipient of the 2011 Young Scientist Award
Laudator: Signe Altmäe
9.40 – 9.55 Acceptance Speeches: Dunja Lončar
9.55 – 10.00 Laudatio of Cristian-Gheorghe Furău, the recipient of the 2011 Young Scientist Award
Laudator: Eszter Ducza
10.00 – 10.15 Acceptance Speeches: Cristian-Gheorghe Furău
10.20 – 11.50 FIRST SESSION
Oral progestins and venous thromboembolism

Chairs: Giuseppe Benaggiano, Gyula Telegdy
10.20 – 10.40 Biomarker research to understand haemostatic effects of combined oral contraceptives: do new estrogens carry a promise? (20')
Speaker: Kees Kluft
10.40 – 11.00 Drospirenon and VTE (20')
Speaker: Klaas Heinemann
11.00 – 11.20 Development of a low dose estrogen/progestin Transdermal Contraceptive System (20')
Speaker: David Archer
11.20 – 11.50 Discussion (30')
11.50 – 13.00 LUNCHEON (70')
13.00 – 14.05 SECOND SESSION
The impact of obesity on Women’s Health

Chairs: David Archer, Tihomir Vejnovic
13.00 – 13.20 Failure of oral contraception in obese women: Role of altered pharmacokinetics of levonorgestrel (20')
Speaker: Ganesh Cherala
13.20 – 13.35 Practical aspects of obesity in contraception (15')
Speaker: Gábor Gimes
13.35 – 13.50 Obesity as a risk factor in Obstetric Care (from abortion to caesarian sections) (15')
Speaker: Boldizsár Horváth
13.50 – 14.05 Discussion (15')
14.05 – 15.15 THIRD SESSION
Long-acting contraceptive agents

Chairs: Biran Affandi, György Thaler
14.05 – 14.25 Family planning guidelines and tools by WHO - Global Overview. Special emphasis on Contraceptive Implants (20')
Speaker: Moazzam Ali
14.25 – 14.45 Long Acting use of combined vaginal ring (20')
Speaker: Angelo Cagnacci
14.45 – 15.00 Intrauterine systems (IUS) and Intrauterine devices (IUD) (15')
Speaker: Tamás Major
15.00 – 15.15 Discussion (15')
15.15 – 15.35 COFFEE BREAK (20')
15.35 – 16.20 FOURTH SESSION
Meet the expert parallel sessions
15.35 – 16.20 1. Practical advice: The risk of thromboembolism among obese patients
Expert 1.: Gábor Gimes
Expert 2.: Tamás Major
15.35 – 16.20 2. Practical aspects: Application of Intrauterine device, Intrauterine System and Implants
Expert 1.: Moazzam Ali
Expert 2.: György Bártfai
16.20 – 17.35 FIFTH SESSION
Recent advance in perinatology

Chairs: György Bártfai, Elena Bernad
16.20 – 16.40 Pre-term delivery, a European view (20')
Speaker: Giuseppe Benaggiano and Gian Carlo DiRenzo
16.40 – 17.00 Cerebral palsy: a critical overview (20')
Speaker: Anna Beke
17.00 – 17.20 Challenges in neonatal care (the very low birth weight infant) (20')
Speaker: György Balla
17.20 – 17.35 Discussion (15')
17.35 – 17.40 Technical Break (5')
17.40 – 19.00 SIXTH SESSION
Meet the expert parallel session
17.40 – 18.25 3. Practical aspects of implant application
Expert 1.: László Kalmár
Expert 2.: Sándor Koloszár
17.40 – 18.25 4. Practical aspects of resuscitation and treatment of high risk neonates
Expert 1.: Márta Katona
Judit Kiss
18.25 – 18.40 Written test (15')
18.40 – 19.00 Presentation of the best poster awards and closing remarks (20')


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