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16th DAL Meeting
2024 Szeged

15th DAL Meeting
2023 Novi Sad

14th DAL Meeting

13th DAL Meeting
2019 Prague

12th DAL Meeting
2018 Budapest

11th DAL Meeting
2017 Orăștie

10th DAL Meeting
2016 Budapest

9th DAL Meeting
2015 Novi Sad

8th DAL Meeting
2014 Oradea

7th DAL Meeting
2013 Belgrade

6th DAL Meeting
2012 Arad

5th DAL Meeting
2011 Szeged

4th DAL Meeting
2010 Stockholm

3rd DAL Meeting
2009 Novi Sad

2nd DAL Meeting
2008 Szeged

Opening DAL Meeting
2007 Szeged



Serving Prevention, 11th Scientific Conference
2019 Gyula

6th Consilium Semestrae
2019 Arad

Advanced Life Support in Obstetric
2019 Novi Sad

38th Congress of the Society of Hungarian Pediatric Gynecologists
2018 Gyula

Advanced Life Support in Obstetric
2018 Novi Sad

Course in Obstetric Surgery - Modification Vejnovic
2018 Novi Sad

15th International Congress of the Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians of Serbia, Montenegro and Republic of Srpska
2017 Belgrade

Advanced Life Support in Obstetric
2017 Novi Sad

Meeting in Gyula
2017 Gyula

The 11th National Conference of Romanian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology
2016 Bucharest

37th Congress of the Southeastern Section of the Hungarian Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
2016 Gyula

Romanians in Novi Sad
2016 Novi Sad

Meeting in Arad
2014 Arad

2012 Bucharest



The Human Reproducton Week
2012, Arad

Opera Visit, 2010 Budapest

Opera Visit
2010 Budapest

Meeting in Stockholm, 2009 Stockholm

Meeting in Stockholm
2009 Stockholm

The Bertarelli Foundation Award, 2001 Lausanne

The Bertarelli Foundation Award
2001, Lausanne

Old Photos

Old Photos