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Lausanne, Switzerland / 3 July, 2001

Egon's The Bertarelli Foundation Award in Reproductive Health

The Bertarelli Foundation and its Board members have the pleasure of presenting its 2001 Award in Reproductive Health to Professor Egon Diczfalusy.

His work in reproductive endocrinology led to the establishment of the concept of the human foeto-placental unit. He also contributed to major advances in our knowledge of estrogen metabolism and of the mechanism of action of gonadotrophins. He shared his knowledge by training many scientists from around the world and by publishing over 600 publications and being the editor of some 30 books.

Beyond his scientific achievements, Professor Diczfalusy helped create the WHO Special Programme of Research in Human Reproduction. Most importantly, he is one of the fathers of the new holistic vision of reproduction known as Reproductive Health.

The Bertarelli Foundation Award in Reproductive Health honors those individuals or teams who, through their work or personal commitment, have raised awareness about the global problem of infertility, promoted greater patient access to treatment, broken new ground in scientific research or medical treatment, or made extraordinary oontributions in other areas that support the goals of the Bertarelli Foundation.  Recipients must also have high ethical standards in their professional lives and exhibit exemplary human qualities.

Recipients of the Bertarelli Foundation Award are given a unique sculpture of Bruno Lucchesi. This remarkable artist seems to encompass within his own work several centuries of Western sculpture. He has been called "the last of the Renaissance sculptors" because of his facility with the human figure. Born and educated in Italy, Bruno Lucchesi was assistant professor at the Art Academy in Florence before receiving a Guggenheim Fellowship in New York. He has been awarded gold medals from U.S. National Academy of Design and the National Sculpture Society and has received the Lion of San Marco Award from the Italian Cultural Society.

Established in 1999, the Bertarelli Foundation is dedicated to raising global awareness about human infertility, a disease with profound personal and social ramifications that affects as many as one in six couples today. Our mission is to promote and improve the understanding of the many dimensions of infertility and to mobilize the talent, energy and resources to allow couples the joy of having children with dignity.

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