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Memories of Prof. Diczfalusy

EGON DICZFALUSY, 90 years for humanity through science

„I have started this journey to find out who Professor Dr Egon Diczfalusy really is. I wanted to place him in a different light, other than the eminent man of science the scientific community knew him as, reflecting more his human qualities and the achievements of creating a school of life and science. Once upon a time, on a rainy autumn day, a medical student attending a scientific workshop met a simple and modest smiling old man; he turned out to be the great Professor Emeritus Dr Egon Diczfalusy.”

This is how the book starts. The author, an ObGyn himself, admirer of Professor Diczfalusy got so amazed by the meeting that he started to collect documents, memories of colleagues and earlier co-workers and other publications of Egon Diczfalusy. He later travelled to Rönninge a small town in Sweden where the professor lived to talk to him and collect his memories about his life.

All these were then published in a book you can read here (PDF, English, 394 pages, 3.6MB). Some of the meetings were also recorded, of which these videos were then produced...




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