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Chair of the Financial Committee


/ ˈi.vaːn ˈdɛ.vo.ʃɒ /


Szeged, Hungary
University of Szeged
assistant professor, research fellow


Iván DEVOSA PhD is an assistant professor and member of faculty council at Teacher Training faculty of John von Neumann University (Kecskemét, Hungary), lead researcher of Health Science and Health Promotion Research Group at John von Neumann University.

Head of Supervisory Board of Egon and Ann Diczfalusy Foundation for the Support of Scientific Work conducted in the field of Reproductive Health. He is a member of public board of Hungarian Academy of Science, member of the Theoretical Education Work Committee of Hungarian Academy of Science, member of Reproduction Health Work Committee of Hungarian Academy of Science. Head of “Szegedi KHCS” local group of Hungarian MENSA Committee.

His most important awards are: the Juhász Gyula memorial award and the Hungarian Patent Office Innovation Contest awards (twice).

He finished his MA (health sciences), MSc (informatics) studies at the faculties of University of Szeged, and he has Ph.D. degree at Doctoral School of Education at the same university. His PhD research was about the peer-based health education in Hungarian education system.

Research topic:

  • ICT tool in education
    • educational softwares
    • AI in education
  • Health Promotion
    • Health promotion with interactive softwares
    • Evaluation and assessment of educational methodology (CMM)
    • AI in health promotion
    • AI in (early) diagnosis


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