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Elena Silvia BERNAD MD PhD

/ eˈle.na ˈsil.vja berˈnad /

Elena Silvia BERNAD

Timisoara, Romania
"Victor Babes" University of Medicine and Pharmacy
associate professor
"Pius Brinzeu" Emergency County Hospital Timisoara, Romania
senior physician


Elena Silvia Bernad is an associate professor at "Victor Babes" University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Timisoara (UMFVBT), Romania, where she has been coordinating educational and research activities. She was born in 1969 and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at UMFVBT in 1996. She obtained the title of Doctor of Medicine in 2004 and followed her university career. She completed her studies with two master's courses in Health Management (2010) and Embryology and Teratology (2012). At the same time, she specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology. She currently works as a senior physician with expertise in obstetric and gynaecological ultrasonography, laparoscopy, colposcopy, hysteroscopy, maternal-fetal medicine, and reproductive medicine. She is working at "Pius Brinzeu" Emergency County Hospital Timisoara, Romania, where, over the years, she coordinated the administrative activity of several structures.

She conducted intense scientific research by participating in research projects and specialised studies. The many articles published in international circulation journals and books materialised the activity. She contributed to the organisation of several successful national and international scientific events, proving her exceptional organisational abilities.

In 2008, she obtained a habilitation degree; since then, she has coordinated PhD student's activities. She is a member of several prestigious national and international medical societies and associations. She has experience in peer evaluation of research.

She speaks and writes in English, French and Hungarian. She is married and has a daughter and a son. She likes to be active and constantly has new challenges and achievements in all fields of activity and life.


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